“I wish I could be a more confident speaker. If only I didn’t lose my words. I hate the way I sweat just thinking about standing in front of a room and having to say something.”

The truth is we were all born to speak. As a toddler we loved the sounds we discovered and we couldn’t get our words out fast enough as we learnt them. Our lack of confidence in our ability to speak has nothing to do with our natural talent and everything to do with our experience as we grow into the people we are told we should be.

Grab the first 2 modules from our online program which unpack deceptively simple and powerful tools to boost your confidence and understand who you are naturally when it comes to speaking.


The Signature Speech Masterclass Series is ALL of the theory which underpins our internationally successful SpeakableYOU Intensives – our 3 day immersive program. IN JUST ONE DAY we will give you everything you need to know to be able to create your own signature speech. One day, six cities, this February.


Our Signature Program with a record of success for creating magnetic and compelling speakers, is for ANYONE who wants to boost their profile through keynote speaking, or to explode their business through crafting and delivering compelling business presentations – showcasing the expertise YOU already have to move into the minds and hearts of any audience.

Deliberately designed for Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and Purpose Driven Professionals, The SpeakableYOU Intensives are an immersive experience implementing a simple yet powerful model for becoming an in-demand speaker, a sought after expert.


Sometimes you need to listen to what is happening around you, and I have almost lost count of the events I have been to where the content or the speaker has been focussed on sharing one thing – how to perfect your elevator, 1 minute and 2 minutes pitches. And my response has ranged from fist pumping NAILED IT!!! to seriously??
Here is what I have noticed, consistently, across the events (and names, where mentioned, have NOT been changed to protect the innocent…)


Tell Me What You Do is one of the most powerful programs available for getting your crystal clear on just what you do – in a way that makes sense, and invites conversation with prospective clients. Jacqueline personally facilitates small groups and draws on extensive positioning, negoitating and sales success across multiple industries to position what you do as powerfully as possible. Put simply, it is the catalyst to turn a polite question – what do you do? – into revenue. Participants deliver an initial 7 minute business presentation or pitch with real time feedback and in the moment improvements, honing their skills into powerful 3 minute and 1 minute presentations before creating their attention grabber – less than 10 words to clearly state what you do and shift quickly to conversations that matter; the conversations that will lead to opportunity, sales, and the most important commodity of all – cash banked.


To look at Jacqueline’s career history and numbers you could be forgiven for thinking she must be an extraordinary sales person, but the truth is, she’s not. Originally trained and mentored within the Morgan & Banks recruitment sales methodology, she was told over and over again by a media sales manager that she should never have been hired because she had no sales capability in her psychometric profile. Realising she had the fastest growing client portfolio in the station she decided to ignore the advice of what she should do and has built a formidable career (with the highs and lows) as a result. Her approach to sales training – both deliberate and incidental – drives a truly collaborative approach which is anchored by unlocking a genuine love in people for what they do, fostering great curiosity, and layering it up with commercial savvy. In DRIVING REVENUE – ONE CONVERSATION AT A TIME – the frameworks are strong, but the real world experience, and ability to work with everyone within her rooms to tailor approaches and drive individual results for all involved is unbeatable.


Our clients launch and pivot entire careers and businesses, establish media profiles, secure international speaking engagements and accelerate their ability to secure great work – some by more than 12 x their previous fees – and build businesses congruent to WHO they are. In this masterclass we’ll show you just how to do it.


Strategy Sessions are very deliberately focussed on where your bench-strengths exist, where you should be playing and how to play there. Most importantly, we are not focused on our solution, but drawing on a range of contemporary and traditional strategies which we deliberately fuse to best suit the outcomes you require to gain traction, visibility and results. The process is relatively straightforward; a facilitated strategy session where BEFORE consolidating vision and direction we get all thinking out on the table, all possibilities, the war stories, the challenges, the current state of play, the perceived future risks, then moving into the strengths as they sit now to effectively establish a gap analysis. From there we simply close the gap through establishing strategic direction, languaging of the vision, alignment of values, establishing what the strategy is to deliver on the endgame, and a high level action plan to get you moving, swiftly, in the right direction.

Speaker Driven Business – Masterminds

The Speaker Driven Business (SDB) Mastermind has been deliberately designed to create a $1M consulting business within a maximum 18 months, delivering the space and freedom to pursue great work in the process – for those with deep experience, deep expertise, or a deep way of thinking that can shift the way we view the world. Created and personally facilitated by Jacqueline – with real world experience driving 6, 7, 8 figure growth – it is where we bring together proven tactics to rapidly build business, to be commercially smart about how we do that, and use speaker driven strategies to drive visibility and desirability. .

Hot Speaker Track

The greatest paradox that exists as you start to gain traction and visibility as a speaker is that you simply must have the right collateral, produced in the way the market loves, to elevate visibility and bookability. The Hot Speaker Track is a deliberately curated program which delivers master classes in keynote construction, vocal delivery, stage style and presence; culminating in a live event and series of collateral captures to deliver a professional speakers reel and all of the collateral, digital assets and bespoke strategies you need to accelerate your speaking career. It is suitable for both established and emerging speakers, those wanting professional collateral produced and those who are committed to seriously escalating market visibility and credibility.

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