“Jacqueline, on Thursday night, I had to give a speech to 200 economists including some big shots. I was looking for some inspiration and read your LinkedIN Post about giving your audience a gift. I structured the speech around that thought. It went down well and I think it was the best speech of the evening. Thanks for your unintended help.”


Clarity in purpose and strength in focus

"Since meeting Jacqueline my world has transformed. What I had only dreamed of 10 years ago is now a reality. She has given me clarity in purpose, strength in focus and where relevant, industry connections that have meant I can leverage my strengths to grow into the future. I have been able to create products to commercialise the ideas, launch them successfully, and secured my first major conference keynote. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her skillset is rare in a Coach or Mentor and I would say that she is the best of the best."
Katherine Flynn - Founder & Speaker, Mental Health Expert, Community Development Advocate

Jacqueline has a gift

"As the founder of the first and leading podcast booking agency, I have worked with hundreds of speakers over the years who use podcast guesting to get their message heard. After attending Jacqueline's SpeakableYOU Intensive, I now want every single one of my past, current and future clients to attend her training! She has a gift for seeing the unique gift inside everyone's voice and showing them how to share it authentically."
Jessica Rhodes - Founder, Interview Connections, The First & Leading Podcast Guest Booking Agency

Delivered my first ever standing ovation AND MIC Drop moment

"I had the pleasure to sit down with Jacqueline for one hour, and she completely opened my mind and elevated my talk beyond what I could have expected; I delivered my first ever standing ovation AND MIC Drop moment to a conference of 5,500 the following week. She was kind, patient and professional. Her way of crafting phrases and building a story are amazing! She is the most talented speakers coach I have ever encountered. If you are looking to elevate your keynote, your pitch or TedTalk... Jacqueline is your person."
Heidi Arndt - Chief Operating Officer at Ascension Dental, Austin, Texas

I’m now a recognised expert

"I started with Jacqueline 5 months into my business, with $0 Revenue, and needing to work school hours. In 12 months average monthly revenue lifted to mid-$30,000's, my wife has left her executive role to join the business, the team has expanded and is growing rapidly, I have launched an industry changing NFP Initiative, launched my YouTube Channel and am now a recognised expert in the Not for Profit Sector"
Justin Hogg - Right Source Founding Director, Business Accountant & NDIS Systems Expert

A new record for us

"Jacqueline has delivered Sales, Influence and Negotiation Training to The Lott. Between the first and second days of training – six months – we are now able to quickly identify viable leads, to close the right people, and we’ve more than doubled the new sites of our closest peer, it’s a record for us, and our conversion rates in terms of results went from 0.8 to 3.1 out of five leads."
John Ward - State Retail Manager, Tabcorp Holdings

I’ve presented more in the last 6 weeks than in the previous 5 months

"I’ve presented more in the last 6 weeks than in the previous 5 months... I recall coming up with the phrase around what I do as ‘ I model leadership vulnerability for CEOs and senior managers’ (or something like that!) in your session at (2020 PSA) convention, and I’ve modified my messaging from my original focus of just my story to really delving into what I’m calling ‘Vulnerability: Your Leadership Superpower’, under the main banner of ‘Vulnerable Leadership’. I presented it last week, again yesterday, have a gig on the 27th May, and have just been approached last night off the back of my presentation yesterday to speak for a major H&S group with this topic - it seems to be resonating very well with the market - both the messaging in branding and the content. Still refining, but I’m very proud of the result so far. Big things ahead! :-)"
Greg Ward - Virtual MC, Entertainer & Speaker, Vice Chair Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand

I know I can totally trust her judgement

"In early 2018 Jacqueline mapped out a quick podcast plan which resulted in a globally recognised podcast with more than 85,000 downloads and climbing. I then went on to work with Jacqueline as my mentor and she is exactly who I need to bounce ideas. I love working with her because I know I can totally trust her judgement. I have been able to generate consistent work and speaking enquiries, secured keynote and international speaking engagements, and have easily pushed through the first multiple-six figure business levels."
Zoe Eather - Smart Community & Smart City Enthusiast, Smart Region Advocate, Churchill Fellow, Untraditional Engineer, Speaker, Podcaster

Karen McCauley

We can all speak – that’s a given. But being able to articulate YOUR message in a way that engages an audience, that is a truly amazing feat, and that is what Jacqueline delivers in SpeakableYOU.

Lauren Penny

WoW!  What difference has it made?  It’s completely changed my view of speaking, its given me a framework, my own toolkit..it made a fundamental shift in my ability to be able to speak.

Mel Telecican

I thought I had clarity of message going in, but in fact it was reshaped and its completely evolved into a really beautiful message that resonates, that has transformed into something that actually moves people.

Patty Ann Waho

Jacqueline’s brain’s like fireworks on new years eve! She was helping you unpack your brain, your gifts, and I was able to identify new audiences, which I hadn’t even thought of.  What I got at the end of this was a piece I can just speak to!

Sally Arnold

I was surprised at the quality of the content.  I hadn’t expected to walk out with a keynote…an incredibly powerful keynote that I am very proud of…there were just these lightbulb moments that kept occurring.

Steve Gillis

I tend to waffle…it makes sense to me but not often to others.  SpeakableYOU has given me structure on how to talk…and how to sell my company to others.

Tofe Evans

What I really liked about SpeakableYOU was that it turned my idea into reality.  It cultivated into something bigger than I expected all because of the cool systems and the processes in place.

Nikki Ingram

For me what was unique about SpeakableYOU was you don’t just talk about what you need to do, you actually roll up your sleeves and you get in and you do it, right then and there.

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