“Jacqueline, on Thursday night, I had to give a speech to 200 economists including some big shots. I was looking for some inspiration and read your LinkedIN Post about giving your audience a gift. I structured the speech around that thought. It went down well and I think it was the best speech of the evening. Thanks for your unintended help.”


Karen McCauley

We can all speak – that’s a given. But being able to articulate YOUR message in a way that engages an audience, that is a truly amazing feat, and that is what Jacqueline delivers in SpeakableYOU.

Lauren Penny

WoW!  What difference has it made?  It’s completely changed my view of speaking, its given me a framework, my own toolkit..it made a fundamental shift in my ability to be able to speak.

Mel Telecican

I thought I had clarity of message going in, but in fact it was reshaped and its completely evolved into a really beautiful message that resonates, that has transformed into something that actually moves people.

Patty Ann Waho

Jacqueline’s brain’s like fireworks on new years eve! She was helping you unpack your brain, your gifts, and I was able to identify new audiences, which I hadn’t even thought of.  What I got at the end of this was a piece I can just speak to!

Sally Arnold

I was surprised at the quality of the content.  I hadn’t expected to walk out with a keynote…an incredibly powerful keynote that I am very proud of…there were just these lightbulb moments that kept occurring.

Steve Gillis

I tend to waffle…it makes sense to me but not often to others.  SpeakableYOU has given me structure on how to talk…and how to sell my company to others.

Tofe Evans

What I really liked about SpeakableYOU was that it turned my idea into reality.  It cultivated into something bigger than I expected all because of the cool systems and the processes in place.

Nikki Ingram

For me what was unique about SpeakableYOU was you don’t just talk about what you need to do, you actually roll up your sleeves and you get in and you do it, right then and there.

Seeing the process was powerful

Every so often in business you come across people who deliver beyond expectations - Jacqueline Nagle is one of these people. In July, I completed Jacqueline Nagle's SpeakableYOU training. During the intensive I learnt to understand the frameworks to devise a powerful keynote speech. Jacqueline workshopped elements of our speech one-on-one and a most valuable exercise was witnessing Jacqueline and other participants deconstruct and reconstruct their topics. Seeing the process from afar was powerful. Watching others go through the process being guided by Jacqueline, enabled me to develop stronger concepts for myself. Even better was the follow up. Like most things, time and distance assist with clarity of message. In the follow up session, Jacqueline revisited our keynotes, giving feedback and additional tips on impactful deliverability.  Jacqueline's expertise shone through. Her energy, focus on our individual intentions and messages along with her critiques, enabled myself and other participants to create compelling scripts. I feel fortunate to have had access to training of this calibre, which is why I highly recommend Jacqueline and her SpeakableYOU training to anyone wishing to make an impact in any way.
Mel Telecican, Loyalest, Course 9

I was instantly inspired by her clarity of vision

I met Jacqueline Nagle via a mutual client and was instantly inspired by her clarity of vision and business acumen. I attended the SpeakableYOU course to improve my keynote for a 7 week speaking tour I had secured. Jacqueline is like a midwife for keynotes and I learnt so much that I could apply immediately. My first keynote resulted in a magical ‘trifecta’ that Jacqueline had us focus on; a rebooking and a member of the audience asking to book me for their conference. Since then I have confirmed a $5,500 conference package to speak at Port Douglas in August, generated more than $15,000 in direct revenue and secured 6 new, retained clients – my target for the entire year! Thank you again for an amazing course which literally changed my life. Such an amazing journey with thousands of dollars banked in a few short weeks. Thank you Jacqueline!
Kate Osborne, Leisure Seekers

I’ve gained so much clarity and a better roadmap

When I signed up for this I had no idea what I was in for. To be honest, I thought I’d know how to speak with more confidence but I came out with so much more. Not only do I know how to structure a killer speech. I can apply the same framework to my books, blogs and sponsorship proposals. Definitely needed the time in the room because I’ve gained so much clarity and a better roadmap. And in a very short space of time I’ve gone on to fast track my book to publishing stage, been listed with some of Australia’s leading speaker bureaus and gone from speaking for free at high schools to getting my first paid gig at a national conference.
Tofe Evans, #practicalresilience Advocate

incredible ideas on so many levels

Jacqueline is amazing – incredible ideas on so many levels. Such a diverse wealth of knowledge and a confidence builder. She is so strategic, life changing and simply a difference maker. Jacqueline worked hard to ensure everyone got what they needed. An amazing room with amazing people – by far the most beneficial time I have ever spent at a seminar or conference, anywhere in the world.
Jim Dorash, Commercial Real Estate Agent

Jacqueline is a visionary

Jacqueline is a visionary. She is exceptional at teaching her innovative process in a way that brings forward your own genius. Her ability to reword and reframe in a powerful, effective manner is like watching a magician. This program is simply unmissable for anyone who wants to live into their own potential and deliver a powerful, impactful message.
Monica Liebenow, Founder, Big Splash Design

I got everything I wanted and more

I got everything I wanted and more. I came wanting to learn how to tell a story that is captivating and adds value. I now have a structure, the tools and skills to present what I have in a tight package. This workshop is awesomely brilliant if you want to be confident and authentic to connect with your audience; this is a process that enthralls that I know will get more business.
John Laurenson, Founder, Goals Projects Systems

you managed to exceed my expectations

You had already set the bar high and yet you still managed to exceed my expectations. You have made something that like so many others ‘I feared’, become easier. I am very intrigued with the thought of myself actually speaking in front of an audience. Thank you very much.
Steve Gillis, Managing Director, EDC Systems

I’ve learned so much

Jacqueline has an ability to make you feel like she is teaching you one on one. And then also builds an interactive room where we all feel connected. We all feel we are helping each other. I’ve learned so much about content, positioning, who I’m marketing to, and have a clear vision of where I am taking my business as a result of this workshop.
Karen McCauley, Property Investor, Founder The Property CEO