With Jacqueline Nagle

Who has:
·    Personally secured in excess of $20,000,000 in sales.
·    20 years experience creating 6, 7 and 8 figure business growth.
·    Created, curated, MC'd and facilitated more than 180 events and workshops.
·    Secured > $3 Million in publicity for business ventures/events over 15 years.

I work with people with deep experience, deep expertise or a deep way of thinking to translate their work into thriving knowledge based businesses where speaking driven strategies become their main channel to market

Knowledge based businesses are absolutely driven by you, the person who will always remain the chief strategist, interventionist, and creator. But in my own experience, a deliberate and well designed knowledge based business accelerates when you leverage speaking driven strategies to your advantage.

Our clients launch and pivot entire careers and businesses, establish media commentator profiles, secure international speaking engagements, lift their ability to secure great work - some by more than 12 x their previous fees - and build business that are congruent with who they are and ready to scale - or scaling now.

But mostly our clients know there is 'more than this' and they are ready to be seen, heard, remembered, sought after and paid for their expertise.

Explore the SDB Mastermind with Jacqueline
I believe We:
1. Are naturally driven to do great work and shun the deliberate pursuit of thought leadership without it
2. Can and must be the Trusted Advisor, Advocate and Devil’s Advocate in the business of their clients
3. Thrive at the intersection of art and science to drive immense value to the lives of their clients
4. Are translators of change, instigators of flow, facilitators of innovation, and crave the creation of legacy
5. Must develop commercial nous, to value themselves on impact, and lift out of the time money exchange
6. Must step out of the business model boxes, creating the models that work for who YOU are
7. Can, and must, change lives.

But too many of us are playing small simply because we don't know better.   What terrifies me with this is it shows up in the pain in our revenue:

  • At less than $20K/Month, you have really just built a hobby-business, you may as well go back to work

  • $20K-$30K/Month, it will kill you, your business and your relationships if you don’t know how to move through it

  • $30K-$50K/Month delivers the resources to ignite a strong team around you and first level sustainability

  • >$50K Month allows creativity, innovation and great work to begin
  • >$85K Month creates the space to leverage systems and people and create a business that supports you, instead of you supporting a business

The Speaker Driven Business (SDB) Mastermind has been deliberately designed to create a multiple-six-figure lift in your business - launching or established - within 12 months

The SDB Mastermind has 3 clear objectives:

To bring crystal clear definition to what you should be world famous for
To build a mutiple-six-figure lift in your revenue within 12 months
To create a Brains Trust you can rely on, laugh, cry & celebrate with

What is important about who you are right now:

1.   You have deep expertise, deep experience, or a deep way of thinking in a specific field
2.   You are ambitious, committed to doing the work it takes to create sustainable, visible success
3.   Be willing to contribute to the collective brains trust, understanding the strength in reciprocity
4.   Hold a commitment to implementation and a personal craving to excel-erate results and impact

"Jacqueline has worked with me to identify the core positioning of my work which has clarified everything I do.  Her ability to strengthen my focus has resulted in a $25,000 program which 4 out of 5 people I have approached have taken on, and will result in $400,000 in secured revenue within a matter of weeks.  This is after she helped me navigate the loss of a million dollar contract, and with launching my paid speaking career."
Maureen Kyne
Workplace Crisis Strategist, Melbourne
"Since meeting Jacqueline I’ve been featured in the Australian Newspaper twice, am a panellist on Sky News, & have now landed 2 keynotes at upcoming conferences. I would highly recommend Jacqueline!"
Heidi Schwegler
Financial Planner, Melbourne

"I started working with Jacqueline after seeing her speak at an event – and at that time had secured less than $50,000 with no forward revenue.  Within a matter of months the business revenue for this financial year has pushed past $270,000 - it will be more before we finish the year. - and I have established 3 core products and services which will rapidly lift my results moving forward"
Kerry Miles
Consultant/Researcher, Brisbane

"First strategy session I secured $10,000 in revenue that week. A few months later, I decided to do a second one & closed 12x$9,600 consulting assignments within 24 hours. I’ll be able to set up my NFP sooner than I thought!"
Troy Schoenfisch​​​​​​​
Accountant/Commercial Strategist, Brisbane

"I started with Jacqueline 5 months into my business, with $0 Revenue, and needing to work school hours.  In less than 12 months average monthly revenue has lifted to mid-$20,000's, my wife has left her executive role to join the business, launched an industry changing NFP Initiative,  launched my YouTube Channel,  and just secured my first 3 retained 12 month contracts - which will double the monthly revenue"
Justin Hogg
Accountant, Brisbane

What is important to know about the program:

1.   Work is based on Real World Experience building multiple consulting practices to 6, 7, 8 figures
2.   You will have an intensive 30 Day Launch into the program personally facilitated by Jacqueline
3.   There is an extensive, ever-growing on line resource portal for the exclusive use of members
4.   You have a number of live events throughout the year to deliberately pull you out of day-to-day
5.   Success is based on a blend of strategy, execution, accountability to ensure you achieve results

And we know you want to secure your Guarantee.

The guarantee is simple. Do the work we guide you to do. Do the work you promise you will. Execute everything and take on everything both in the program and the guidance from Jacqueline and her team and we will guarantee you at least a 5X ROI on your investment for every year you are in SDB Mastermind.

But right now, I don’t know if this will work for you : ) I know it has worked for several of my own businesses, and it is working for a number of clients, but I still don’t know if it will work for you. So your next best steps are to set up a call as soon as possible to see if we will be a fit. 

What you will get:

Intensive Business Mentoring Program to Translate Deep
Experience & Expertise into Thriving Consultancy Businesses

- Guaranteeing a Minimum 5 x ROI on Program Investment each 12 months

The reason I chose Jacqueline was because she has been through great times and tough times and I believe that is what helps make a great mentor. The fact that she has achieved so much in her life already, helps her to relate when my fears overcome me and start to stop me from moving forward. I have no hesitation in recommending Jacqueline if you want to be pushed to thinking differently and on a larger scale.

Tracey Mathers
Third Generation Retailer, Mentor, Advisor, Speaker

In early 2018 Jacqueline mapped out a quick podcast plan which resulted in a globally recognised podcast with more than 60,000 downloads and climbing.  I then went on to work with Jacqueline as my mentor and she is exactly who I need to bounce ideas. I love working with her because I know I can totally trust her judgement.  I have been able to generate consistent work and speaking enquiries, have established my first paid speaking engagements, and have easily pushed through the first multiple-six figure business levels.

Zoe Eather
Smart Community & Smart City Enthusiast, Smart Region Advocate, Churchill Fellow, Untraditional Engineer, Speaker, Podcaster

Since meeting Jacqueline my world has transformed. What I had only dreamed of 10 years ago is now a reality. She has given me clarity in purpose, strength in focus and where relevant, industry connections that have meant I can leverage my strengths to grow into the future. I have been able to create products to commercialise the ideas, launch them successfully, and secured my first major conference keynote.  I cannot recommend her highly enough. Her skillset is rare in a Coach or Mentor and I would say that she is the best of the best. 

Katherine Flynn
Founder & Speaker - Mental Health Expert, Community Development Advocate 

  • Personally securing in excess of $20,000,000 in sales and contracts in her career
  • Driving the growth of a recruitment business from $4.2M to $22.4M in 15 months
  • After sale to an ASX Listed company, delivering 3 year projected net profit in 10 months
  • Training inexperienced consultants to build portfolios generating 7 figure annual revenues
  • Establish Industrial Relations consultancy, driving $0 to >$800,000 fee revenue in 12 months
  • Develop and negotiate more than 20 Enterprise Agreements with 100% success rate in mining services, manufacturing, trades, and industry
  • The only C-Suite woman in Traffic Control Industry in Queensland on appointment, driving significant cultural and contract performance change
  • Rated by a Global Independent Tender Panel as “The Best I Have Seen” for a $15 Million Infrastructure Contract
  • Secure in excess of $3 Million in publicity for business ventures over an extended 15 year period
  • Use methodologies to lift member numbers (by more than 30x) and engagement for tourist organisations, chambers of commerce, business development networks
  • Rise from challenges including protracted $750,000 Union battle, wrongfully blamed for 2IC’s death and a very public business receivership
*1M Revenue or your agreed revenue targets
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