Last week we forgot to send an email to you. Well, at least that’s what so many of you who messaged me told me : )
And we did forget to send something. Deliberately.

Our last email burst to land in your inbox focused on the Elevator Pitch, and it was one of our best landing emails in a very long time; on LinkedIn, Facebook, Email, your messages, reactions, and through sharing.

All because I wrote something in the moment, as a result of what I was seeing around me, in a way that I knew I could add value to you.

So, I’ve literally told Paris to tear up the content calendar; because whilst you are all loving how consistent we are, I have found myself almost dreading writing ‘this week’s content’ because that’s not how I operate.

To get around it, I even tried to outsource it. To a really great company owned by someone I know who are brilliant at what they do. And I still couldn’t stand it. Because it was being written as a result of interviews, but not as a result of what was happening, in the moment, now, and as a result not written in my style, with my thinking and insights that you all tell me you love (hopefully not just to make me feel better!).

I only want to write, and land in your inbox, and take up your time, when I have something worth saying. When it’s a result of what I am seeing, or discovering, or re-discovering. As consistently as possible, but if I really have nothing to say, if I really don’t believe I am about to make your day by landing in your inbox, then it can wait until something gets my attention, annoys me enough, or lights me up enough to do the same for you.

And to make sure this isn’t just my rant, I’ll let you in on a few secrets behind the rant…

1. Not one of the people that I love to follow issue according to a set calendar; but when they do, I notice and I always read it or listen to it – even if it means saving the link to circle back to later.

2. It is not just your email that you should be checking in on, you need to check in across the board to see if what you have got to say is really worth saying, or if you are speaking to hear the sound of your own voice.

3. And by across the board I mean it. When you’re meeting someone, before you take to a stage, when you’re deep in discussion and conversation, when you’re pitching, MCíng an event, when you’re designing new products and services…is it WORTH saying?

4. And this goes double for Facebook Live, LinkedIn Videos, Insta Stories, Snaps, and any other social foothold you have; make sure what you are about to say is WORTH saying.

5. Don’t ever forget to flip the lens; when I ask ‘is it WORTH saying’, I am not saying in your opinion, or because it should be done, or it’s best practice, but ‘is it WORTH saying’ from the perspective of your audience, of who is going to be hearing it.

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