Accelerating Results

Driven by the creator and driving force of SpeakableYOU, Jacqueline Nagle, our Strategy and Mentoring programs fuse consulting, coaching, advocacy and hard core commercially savvy skills. When you want serious traction, and big results, and you’re prepared to invest, then Jacqueline will work with you on a constant contact basis to ensure she moves you in the right direction. To move you from where you are now to where you need to be, to get the results you know you deserve.


The collision of ideas, playing devil’s advocate, and a laser focus on a particular solution, event or strategy delivers some of the most powerful results possible.

Delivered in person, or via zoom, Strategy Sessions are personally facilitated by Jacqueline, who will dig deep and bring exceptional questioning and brainstorming skills to the table to unscramble confusion and deliver a clear course of action. A very deliberately focus on where your bench-strength exists, where you should be playing, and how to play there smashes through uncertainty and indecision, driving greater results, fast.

SDB Platinum

When you’re craving a little more to seriously accelerate results. SDB Platinum gives you everything in the Speaker Driven Business Program, and layers it up with two mentoring calls each month personally with Jacqueline, and an additional intensive strategy session each six months.

Giving you access to Jacqueline throughout the program, and access to her trusted networks, SDB Platinum is for those people serious about playing the game of business, doing truly great work, and creating serious commercial gains along the way.

The Clique

Trusted Advisor. Confidant. Advocate. Sometimes Devils Advocate. The Clique gives you unrestricted access to Jacqueline – as if she were your virtual CEO.

In addition to direct and unrestricted access to Jacqueline, The Clique includes one full day strategy session each six months, private boardroom events, and access to the Residentials within the Speaker Driven Business Program for you and one of your team.

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