It’s time to BE Visible.
To BE Magnetic.
To BE recognised.

To become a powerful and compelling speaker you must understand how to craft stories told on purpose, deep dive and build your understanding of the power in language. You must use what you already know to be true to turn you into an authentic, relatable and magnetic speaker.

A Message from Jacqueline

I love speaking, when I choose the stage, the purpose, and the gifts I get to leave with the audience.

More than that, I love what has been created in the SpeakableYOU room – the evolution of years of trialling, testing, tweaking and finally standing in a room of clever people, most of whom own their own business, and seeing it all come together.

Because our fear of speaking is never about speaking. There is a lot of laughter in the room when I ask people to put their hands up if they were ever a toddler, and whilst it sounds ridiculous it is a very simple and clear point.

If you were EVER a toddler, who has first learnt to talk, you never shut up! From babble, to soft words, to stringing whole sentences together and not able to get your words out fast enough when you were excited, the thought of NOT speaking simply didn’t enter your mind.

Your fear of speaking is not about speaking, but about an experience burned into your mind; a simple sentence from someone who thought they were coming from love; an assessment from a teacher that hurt you at a soul level; an environment where you were rewarded for being invisible; fear around how valuable your knowledge actually is.

The process of unpacking what you already know to be true is perhaps the most powerful; or maybe it is the focus on how to shift our own personal story and step into a more confident version of ourselves; or the ability to work out what gift you can leave your audience, that takes the focus from me to you.

My instinct that speaker training is about everything but the speaking is true. The transformation I am privileged to watch unfold in front of me in every SpeakableYOU room in Brisbane shows, that Speaker Driven Transformation may be one of the most powerful tools that we have within reach to create the business, the life and the future we crave.

Jacqueline Nagle

Jacqueline Nagle is not an Insta-Expert

There is a wave of trainers, coaches and consultants in our business world who are selling you a dream without the experience to back it up.  A Master Practitioner in NLP and Hypnotherapy, a Certified Peak Performance Coach, with extensive business, speaker and workshop training over the last 15 years, Jacqueline is passionate about people learning from those that have actually walked their talk.
As your Key Facilitator in exploring the skills you need to become a powerful and persuasive speaker, Jacqueline brings extensive training, experience and insight to the table – openly sharing with you the knowledge and strategies she has used to:

  • Pursue and win more than $20,000,000 in business throughout her career
  • Build a $500,000 consulting practice in regional Queensland
  • Secure business investors from $10,000 to $390,000 for a range of business ventures
  • Successfully deliver more than 120 workshops spanning 15 topic areas
  • Become a sought-after MC for more than 50 events and conferences
  • Deliver a Key Note Presentation for a Marie Claire Australia (Magazine) Event
  • Secure appointment as Support Speaker to Dr Steve Maraboli on his Australian tour
  • Act as chair for The Queensland Women in Leadership in the Public Sector Conference
  • Use her influencing skills to successfully negotiate 27 Enterprise Agreements

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