"I am forever changed at a cellular level. I'll be writing and sharing about that as I allow myself to sit with all of the love and brilliance I received and witnessed. The healing of a damaged sisterhood has begun. Grateful for you doesn't begin to cover it."
Susan K Wyatt
Author, Musician, Advocate for Healing the Damaged Sisterhood
Los Angeles, California
"Your gift Jacqueline is almost beyond description. You are able to see the unique gift another has to share with the world. I will be forever appreciative of your ability to clarify my big message and encourage me to be the rockstar."
Dr Jill Wade
Revolutionary Dentist, Speaker, Podcast Host, driving new frontiers in health
Dallas, Texas
"Filled with immense gratitude for having had the opportunity to spend the last 3 days with you and such magnificent women. Wow!!! What a gift with strategy and words...thank you for sharing it all with us!"

Michelle Bosch
CFO, Real Estate Investor and Entrepreneur, Speaker
Phoenix, Arizona
"I've been in the industry for almost 20 years and have never come close to experiencing the brilliance Jacqueline brings to her speaker training! She has immense knowledge and deep insight that allows her to tap into the best of each individual she coaches."
Elle Zimmerman
CEO and Executive Producer of Curtis Zimmerman Group
Cincinnati, Ohio


You want CUT-THROUGH, to stand out in the market.
You know you deserve to MAKE MORE MONEY 
than you do right now.
And you are starting to think the 
FASTEST WAY to do this is maybe through SPEAKING.

It's about becoming crystal clear in your IDENTITY, who you are, authentically - and amplifying that.
Knowing you must create
INHALABLE CONTENT, which your audience loves, and craves more of.
And an understanding that you need to practice the craft. 
To obsess. To tweak.
BUILD THE MUSCLE of speaking. 

Because your future is calling you to become an IN-DEMAND SPEAKER.

"I had the pleasure to sit down with Jacqueline for one hour, and she completely opened my mind and elevated my talk beyond what I could have expected. She was kind, patient and professional. Her way of crafting phrases and building a story are amazing! She is the most talented speakers coach I have ever encountered. If you are looking to elevate your keynote, your pitch or TedTalk... Jacqueline is your person." 
Heidi Arndt
Chief Operating Officer at Ascension Dental
San Francisco

You want to SPEAK.
You want to send RIPPLES through your AUDIENCE.
You want to be HEARD.
And if you START a bit of a REVOLUTION in the process,
you actually think that may be a damn GOOD THING

Deliberately designed
for speakers, entrepreneurs and purpose driven professionals, the SpeakableYOU Intensive is an immersive 2-Day program implementing a simple, powerful model for becoming an in-demand speaker
Your SpeakableYOU Intensive Program
Day One | Learn, Explore & Do
  • Mindset and Smashing through Roadblocks
  • Up One Level - Discovering who you truly are and amplifying that
  • The Blue Apple Effect - The keys to standing out in the market place
  • How to create KILLER Keynotes or Presentations which position YOU
  • Creating the Story Arsenal and becoming a true Story Shaper
  • Choose your Weapon....sorry...Structure : )
  • Discover Why Not All Stories are Created Equal and Why Shaping is Critical
  • Mastering the Matrix and leaving the right lasting impression
  • Using the Magic in the Matrix to be truly memorable to any Audience
Day Two | Create & Consolidate
  • Create your signature keynote, speech or presentation First-Run Script
  • Steal the strategies of the Greatest Speakers and How to Use Them
  • Understand how to use Charisma deliberately to Accelerate Impact
  • The Un-Rehearsal - The Secrets to Effortless, Flawless Delivery
  • Nail the Trifecta - Rebooked, New Booking, New Work every time you speak
  • Unleash the Emergency Response Kit - deliver perfectly with no notice
Post Event | Calibrate
  • 90 Minute Call via Zoom hosted by Jacqueline
  • Clarifications, challenges, specific questions answered
  • Hot Seat Opportunity for full script-review and critique
Walk away from the Intensives Program with:
Strategies to be memorable to ANY audience
Your killer keynote or presentation first run script
A proven strategy to speak anywhere, ANYTIME
Jacqueline Nagle
Managing Director,

With a diverse career crossing professional services, mining services, civil construction, manufacturing, industrial relations Jacqueline has used speaking-centric strategies extensively to launch, pivot and manage both growth and crisis across all of those organizations.

For 15 years Jacqueline has successfully trained consultants, professionals, business owners, executives and the C-Suite in speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiating and positioning, before turning her attention more specifically to the craft of speaking in early 2017.  Since then Jacqueline has worked with 100’s of emerging and established speakers across Australia and the USA.

Jacqueline’s training has been delivered to some of Australia’s major corporate brands including Tattersalls (The Lott) and Anglicare, and her programs have been picked up by the Australian Institute of Sport Gold Medal Alumni Program in Canberra.

Elle Zimmerman
CEO/Executive Producer of
Curtis Zimmerman Group
As the CEO of the Zimmerman Group and Executive Producer leading her husband Curtis Zimmerman’s professional speaking career, Elle has put Curtis’ keynote in front of over one million people, including multiple Fortune 100 clients. She also produced and published his book Life at Performance Level, directing the book launch that drove it to become a “#1 National Bestseller” on Amazon.

Currently, Elle consults with leaders of companies such as McDonald’s, Crocs, and Bacardi USA customizing personal development training and culture management programs delivered through creative digital media experiences.

Elle utilizes her experience as an actress, entrepreneur, and producer to train and empower women to “stand center stage” in their personal and professional lives.
Curtis Zimmerman
Inspirational Speaker and
Bestselling Author
A nationally-recognized speaker and #1 best-selling author of Life at Performance Level, Curtis Zimmerman has presented his life-changing message to over one million people around the globe.

For over 20 years, Curtis had used his diverse background in the performing arts to expertly accelerate positive culture, create world-class customer experiences and navigate rapid organizational change, earning him the title of Certified Speaking Professional from the National Speakers Association– a certification awarded to less than 15% of all professional speakers.

His high-energy presentations have made him a favorite for Fortune 100 companies, including Kroger, General Electric, Walt Disney Entertainment, and Procter and Gamble. Curtis’s unique combination of humor, personal stories and interactive activities impact an audience like no other as he inspires people to “Live the Dream.”
  • A clearer sense of identity and who YOU are as a speaker
  • The ability to get laser-focused on your audience and what really counts for them
  • Strong frameworks to make you a more powerful and influential speaker
  • Strategies which will give you superpowers when it comes to practicing the craft of speaking
  • The ability to pull together your signature keynote, speech, or business presentation
The SpeakableYOU Intensive Cincinnati

August 2-3, 2019
"To excel in our hyper-connected world, how and what we present must be consistently on brand and on message. Throughout her SpeakableYOU workshop Jacqueline Nagle offers unique training and coaching which goes far beyond public speaking or presentation skills. Her holistic approach teaches how to hit the mark with each and every delivery. Having participated in this training, I feel well equipped to respond to any invitation to speak, write or comment in my fields of expertize."

Ann-Marie David
CEO, Queensland College of Law, Legal Educator
"When I signed up for this I had no idea what I was in for. To be honest, I thought I’d know how to speak with more confidence but I came out with so much more. Not only do I know how to structure a killer speech, I can apply the same framework to my books, blogs and sponsorship proposals. In a very short space of time I’ve gone on to fast track my book to publishing stage, been listed with some of Australia’s leading speaker bureaus and gone from speaking for free at high schools to getting my first paid gig at a national conference, launching internationally at SXSW in Texas, and now speaking around the world."
Tofe Evans
#practicalresilience Advocate, International Keynote Speaker
"I have to say this has been one of the most valuable workshops I have attended in a very long time. The insight I gained in how to build my keynotes now has me reviewing all my training material to be based on this same methodology. Jacqueline has turned Keynote preparation from an art into a science with real sound strategies that back up her methodologies. This is a course you must attend even if you just want to be a person who wants to improve how they communicate their story, become a better leader, work within the community and so much more."

Maureen Kyne
Keynote Speaker, Workplace Behaviour ChangeMaker
"I was looking to bring to life my knowledge and expertize through a Keynote but I was unsure where to start. I’d been speaking for years, had plenty of experience but didn’t have the skill to take it to the next level. Enter Jacqueline. She helped get my ideas, thoughts and experience out on paper and into a Keynote. Since meeting her I’ve featured in The Australian Newspaper twice, been a panelist on Sky News and landed a Keynote at an upcoming conference. I would highly recommend Jacqueline!"

Heidi Schwegler
Keynote Speaker, Award-Winning Financial Planner
"I am full of gratitude to Jacqueline for giving so much of herself to each and every person in the room. Her generosity, honesty, intelligence and authenticity are unique and exceptional. I have attended other Speaker Trainings and have not left with anything tangible. I came to this Intensive in search of clarity, direction and practical steps in how to make my vision a reality. I can confidently say that I have left with all of this and more. Having been told straight out by others that I can’t make money doing what I know I should be doing, I was running out of hope. Jacqueline has re-inspired me and has given me the structure that I was missing and craving! There is a lot of hype in the market but this is authentic – and there is so much value that shifts far beyond getting on stage."
Luella Cochrane
Founder at Strength Resources, Victoria
"Jacqueline is a sophisticated professional whose assistance I sought for a system to structure my content. I am able to produce a ton of content. However being able to efficiently structure it in a way that is easy for people to absorb and apply, can only occur if there is a framework that can be used for presenting and keynotes. I got that from Jacqueline. Jacqueline has depth of expertize, combined with well-examined insights and diverse experience. That’s what attracted me to her. At this stage of my career, I seek out those specialists who are the best in their field. Jacqueline ticks that box."

Ron Malhotra
Founder of the Successful Male, International Keynote Speaker

"Participating in the SpeakableYOU Intensives has had an immediate and profound impact. Jacqueline teaches you how to structure your speaking in a way that makes the audience want to come along with you. This is combined with her amazing insight and understanding of people which allows the distillation and refinement of your individual message that you want to share - the result being a clear and engaging message that is uniquely yours. Jacqueline is an amazing teacher and coach; and I would highly recommend attending the SpeakableYOU intensives to anyone."

Justin Hogg
 Finance Professional and Company Director

"Thank you Jacqueline Nagle for your amazing wisdom, wit and wonder in the BEST 3 days I have spent on my business and personal development. Everything you did was extraordinary, the level of encouragement and empowerment you delivered was way above expectation. You are creating a beautiful, inspiring tribe that will go to war for you Jacqueline. This doesn’t only come from good formats and great collateral but being an amazing human that everyone can relate to."

Chris Wilson
Speaker and Consultant, working with Executive Burnout
The SpeakableYOU Intensive Cincinnati

August 2-3, 2019
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