Something happened again today.

A conversation with an intelligent, savvy woman who has burnt out of corporate and built a formidable and quite frankly inspiring mentoring program deliberately designed to make an impact, to create transformation.

Beautifully crafted, technically perfect, model-smart – but now she’s sitting somewhere between fear and disappointment and not knowing what comes next.

And as a driven woman with a track record of success, of getting what she wants almost always when she wants, there is something unfamiliar creeping in…


Because she is looking at this framework for a business she has created and she simply. cannot. get. moving.

So I asked her.

Would You Fight For it?

If universally there was a decision made that you had had the idea for long enough and the opportunity to turn this into a living breathing thing – a thriving business – was taken away from you, would you fight for it?

Business is exhilarating. It can be the most addictive of pursuits. It is breathtaking in its ability to transform the world of people surrounding you and lifts you to possibilities you never dreamed possible.

And it will test you. It will drive you crazy, test your courage, take your resources, and ask if you really want this. It will turn you upside down, sometimes make you seem obsessive, and have you considered brilliant, eccentric, reclusive, and extroverted – often all in the same day.

It will start as one thing, morph into another, almost as if born a shape shifter, on the pathway to your endgame.

And so, the most important question of all is – Would You Fight For It?

Because if the answer is not categorically yes, then you need to stop, breathe, and think again.

And if you would fight for it?

Then look into what you’ve created.

Is it based on what should be instead of who you are?

Is it locked into models that are rapidly breaking all over the world?

Is it based on advice from someone successful but not playing in the same arena?

Because if you said yes you would fight for it and you’re standing still, then something else needs to shift before the opportunity – your dream brought to life – is lost.

If you’ve got something that you’d fight for, and you want to escalate your results, why not book a 15 minute phone call and we’ll quickly unpack your biggest challenge and what you can do about it. Click the link here!

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