I have been becoming increasingly passionate and vocal this year that we have to be in the work to discover our great work.

That it is ONLY when we are in the mess, delivering the work, having conversations, taking the hits, seeking feedback, analysing when its brutal, twisting, tweaking, pivoting and pressure-testing that we can possibly unlock the work we will love.

So many people are detailing their grand vision, the plan to get them there, accumulating the courses and workshops and qualifications to accelerate their launch, pursuing thought leadership as a marketing strategy rather than an outcome, trying to get it right instead of simply getting it done.

And just like you at times, they are stuck. Stuck in stress, exhausted with never enough time, not making enough – or any – money. As hobby-preneurs, or as one of my colleagues calls it #fauxpreneurs. Constantly learning more, spending more. Creating more products and services when the ones they have are yet to establish any sort of commercial viability.


Which is quite honestly where I opened 2018. 


Despite having built an 8-figure business previously. As if I hadn’t created a multiple-six-figure consulting business in less than 18 months. Forgetting that I had created a strategy which delivered 7 figures in global publicity for a project. I was completely stuck.


Until I made a commitment to myself to make 2018 the year I literally ran at everything. 


I found several conferences around the world in the space I wanted to be better in, with a budget so tight I was grateful they came with meals catered.

I drank too many glasses of wine to work up the courage to apply to work with a global level mentor, was accepted and have been to every single one of her in-person events as well as our mentoring calls.

I went from red to platinum on my frequent flier program and have built rewards levels in hotels around Australia and the world.

I created products, programs, and services and executed them fast. Trusting myself to flick the kill switch if it didn’t launch well, launch strongly, or on launch, realising it didn’t actually FIT.

I have expanded my skills set and constantly put myself in rooms and communities that I didn’t even really realise existed before now.

I took on board criticism and feedback from every conceivable source; I deliberately put myself in the line of fire.


It’s been relentless, and yet I am smiling. 


Because the commitment worked. I ran at everything. I have pushed so far out of my comfort zone that I am not sure it is even a real thing.

And 2019 is building fast, with a cohort – mentors, peers, colleagues, clients, team and family – who I am ecstatic are part of my world. A crystal-clear vision of what we are doing, where we are going and what it will look like as we take the steps to shift closer to a massive vision that takes my breath away.

There is no doubt I am tired. I cannot wait to slow down, breathe, and restore. I have gone in a million different directions before realising that this ONE is the one.

And indescribably, in moments I cannot define, amongst the mess and the chaos I fell in love with what I do. With the people I work with. With the impact I get to unleash through them.

Just like when in recruitment I fell in love with a 15-year career I entered as a temporary administration assistant; and then with getting women back to work and developing projects that truly made a difference.

Just like in Industrial Relations when 6 months in I realised my work had nothing to do with strategy and the law, and everything to do with working with small and medium business owners to give them back control.

Just like when I stepped into the driving seat of a business women’s network simply because no-one else would, and fell in love with the collective power of women given a voice, and creating spaces fostering inspiration and connection.

And now with the full Speakable-world about to be brought to life in vibrant colour, simply because I chose to get messy I get to revel in the delight that comes with unexpectedly falling in love with what I do.


And I dare you to do the same. 


To get off the side lines.

To do instead of simply think and create.

To be bold, to run fully, to be willing to make more decisions faster.

To get comfortable in the mess so that something unexpected can get your attention.

So that you can fall completely and utterly in love with what you choose to do and the people you choose to do it with.


THAT is my wish for you in 2019. And I cannot wait to see you there.

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