Why I LOVE Working with Emerging Speakers

I have made no secret that I believe Mentors and Coaches are the secret element in accelerating success, and whilst mine – both Ali Brown and Taki Moore – have delivered that to an extraordinary level, it is often the cohort that is the most powerful.

With Ali’s Global Mastermind group, the cohort is powerful; savvy women all with 7 and 8 figure businesses, who are heart, faith and purpose driven – and have the ability to ask the direct questions that really make you stop for a moment, and think.

The question asked of me recently when reaching out for help was simple – what do you want to be famous for?

It is a conversation Ali brings home powerfully in her Iconic workshops, and one that I keep sugar coating in ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’. One where I know I can step anywhere and there is no shortage of advice (especially of the unsolicited variety) as to where I should be stepping next.

And yet that question revealed one simple truth I have been shrouding in where it ‘makes sense’ to step next.

And that is that I LOVE working with emerging speakers. Not the elite. Not the established. Not the ones simply honing their skill to take them from incredible to formidable.

But the people who are just realising they have within them the ability to make an impact.

The people who have deep experience. Or deep expertise. Or a deep way of thinking that shifts our perspective when we are in conversation with them.

These are the people who simply need to understand the process, the science, and a little bit of the art, of speaking powerfully to create seismic shifts in their world and the world of those around them.

The shift that occurs when they realise that not only do they have something to say, but a powerful way to say it. The momentary child-like delight that lights up the face of even the most hardened and seasoned professional or entrepreneur. The delight which is fleeting and yet tells me that now, now we have it.

Now we have the awareness that they can turn up exactly as they are, with what they know to be true about the world, and they know how to shape all of that to deliver a message which resonates with the people in the world who need to hear them.

And finally giving myself permission to sink into that has resulted in one thing; a willingness to find other ways to get the training to more people; and most importantly – the most powerful workshop I have ever delivered in Brisbane last week… because just like I encourage the people in the room to do, I finally owned just exactly what I love, and why I love it. 

And the reasons are this:

  1. There is an onslaught of the just add water variety type of speaker-trainer. The people who do not have the breadth of experience to train people to speak powerfully from any place – but are masters at inducing credit card frenzy.
  2. Because I am so so so tired of having to put people back together. The people I love to work with who arrive cashed out, coached out, and confused. Who have been given advice that doesn’t work for them simply because the person they have invested thousands of dollars in has no idea how to ‘make it’ unless it is the same way they did.
  3. I truly believe that everyone has a voice and everyone deserves to be heard. There are powerful and deeply personal reasons for this that I will unpack with you in the months to come, but this is an absolute in my world. Empowerment comes from being able to articulate what is going on in our world; Impact comes from being able to articulate that in a way which makes a difference in the world around us.
  4. There is nothing that can sway me from one core belief. That your very success depends on your ability to communicate; not only to communicate, but to speak, pitch and present from a position of strength and power. If you want to change your world, then improving your speaking skills should be your number one priority.
  5. When you discover something that works it should be shared; I do not believe that knowledge is power – I believe the application of knowledge is power. But I believe absolute strength comes from sharing what we learn – the pursuit of knowledge, the willingness to be insatiably curious, to pressure test what we find, and to share that with the world around us. And the world of SpeakableYOU and Speakables does exactly that. I get to share with clever people every single day just how they can position better, language stronger, and ask for what they want in a way the people surrounding them love.

But what I want to be famous for? Well that needs time to explore in another message. The answer to that though unlocked the passion I had been pushing back on. 

And until next we chat,  I’d love to know – what do you want to be famous for? What is it that you love?

Jacqueline xo

Woman speaking