The Truth About Impact

One of the projects I am most proud of in my life happened almost by accident.  As the General Manager of a Recruitment Firm in Regional Australia we were working with clients through the first of this business generations skills shortage in the m Continue reading

Don’t Get Lost in Translation Right Now

Stepping into times of extreme and rapid change means we lose the one luxury speakers and great communicators love – time. Whether it is the 60 minute time slot on stage, the 30 minute executive lunch spot, the ad hoc conversations with our teams Continue reading

How Coffee with One of Australia’s Most Respected Speakers Changed the Way I Measure Success

This weekend I shifted gears a little to be in the audience at a conference and on both days had the absolute delight of hearing Keith Abraham. Keith is one of Australia’s most respected professional speakers with an international reach and extraordina Continue reading

When a Touch of Arrogance Serves You Well

In 2015 as I was exiting a role as CEO of a traffic control company I decided to do two things.  The first was to go to every single networking event, business event, and function I could find within a 25 kilometre radius for 3 months. The second, Continue reading

When Conversion is a BY-PRODUCT of Connection

Whenever you are in the company of great minds you will find they will challenge your thinking, blow your mind with what is really possible and – if you are in the right room – help you navigate what has been elusive.  If we are connected on socia Continue reading

The Keynote Misconceptions

There is something we need to get straight, and I want to share it with you. Especially as you are hanging out in my playground, which means you most likely have a strong interest in speaking, or you listen to speakers, or you wonder what it would be l Continue reading

Do you want to speak? Or do you want to be HEARD?

I do think, actually I know, that you are just like me.  That you are sick of bad speakers, arrogant speakers, inauthentic speakers, speakers who shouldn’t be allowed to consume my time from a stage or the front of a room.  I also believe tha Continue reading

Speaking is the Ultimate Expression of Emotional Intelligence

Young, impressionable, and ambitious, when working in recruitment and consulting in 1998 I stumbled on Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence and instantly felt he had unlocked the mysteries to building great places of work. I became obsessed, an Continue reading

You Had Me at Hello

I love stories with meaning and message, which are on point to my expectations, which are told in such a way as to wrap me in another world, where pictures and sensations build inside my own mind. Where I feel as though I have literally stopped ti Continue reading

You Don’t Need My Help to be a Better Speaker

There is an undeniable thirst amongst new and emerging speakers to know just how to build their speaking skills and confidence as fast as possible – and I strongly believe it is time we pushed past the status quo, the advice to do as many free and low- Continue reading