Jacqueline has one of those mesmerising stories

A great speaker with an intriguing story! As a marketing consultant, I know the impact of great story telling borne from a great story. Jacqueline has one of those mesmerising stories - a rare life lived at lows and highs - and she is able to weave key lessons learned with short, sharp takeaways that are immediately useful to anyone listening. Her story is raw, her message is crafted and her delivery is entrancing. I first heard Jacqueline speak at a keynote presentation titled "The Confidence Code" at the Women in Building and Construction lunch in Brisbane in May 2018. She spoke about the importance of confidence and trusting oneself, and how to nurture the best of yourself and deal with negative thoughts. She provided insights into how the best public speakers prepare for presentations. I do not believe that the word "resilience" was mentioned in the presentation, but it was shown in every example Jacqueline provided. She did not avoid difficult facts or the reality of working or personal life. A very real, honest and constructive speech focused on providing tangible actions and processes to use straight away. What an intense and thought-provoking presentation - one to remember.

I gained a deep understanding, direction and structure

I was referred to Jacqueline by a friend who loved her work himself and thought she would be just the person I needed - and he was right! I was seeking a specialist in structuring keynote presentations so that I can reach a new level in my career of speaking. The two days that I spent with Jacqueline were packed full of insights, 'aha' moments and wisdom. Not only is she wonderful to be around, she has a vast amount of life experience and emotional intelligence that she applies to her recommendations. I gained a deep understanding, direction and structure to form keynotes with, which has equipped me with the clarity needed for creating my presentations. I highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone who is looking for someone professional to guide them and pave the way in this field.

Jacqueline Nagle offers unique training and coaching

To excel in our hyper-connected world, how and what we present must be consistently on brand and on message. Throughout her SpeakableYOU workshop Jacqueline Nagle offers unique training and coaching which goes far beyond public speaking or presentation skills. Her holistic approach teaches how to hit the mark with each and every delivery. Having participated in this training, I feel well equipped to respond to any invitation to speak, write or comment in my fields of expertise.

Jacqueline has depth of expertise

Jacqueline is a sophisticated professional whose assistance I sought for a system to structure my content. I am able to produce a ton of content. However, being able to efficiently structure it in a way that is easy for people to absorb and apply, can only occur if there is a proper framework that can be used for presenting and keynotes. I got that from Jacqueline. Jacqueline has depth of expertise, combined with well-examined insights and diverse experience. That’s what attracted me to her. At this stage of my career, I seek out those specialists who are the best in their field. I feel Jacqueline ticks that box.

One of the best decisions you will make for your business

I recently did a 1/2 day strategy session with Jacqueline and she blew my mind. I was suffering from total overwhelm, trying to do too many things and not focusing on what I really needed to do. Her ability to get right to the heart of the opportunities and issues is amazing. She was able to pull out all the stuff that was in my head and help me work out what to park, dump and focus on then put an actionable plan in place to make it happen. She is a business strategy Rockstar in my eyes! I highly recommend Jacqueline. It will be one of the best decisions you will make for your business.

You have taken me to more levels than I thought possible

I wanted to say a huge thanks for all of the effort and wisdom, knowledge, empathy, understanding, emotional intelligence, clarity and passion in the last two days. To say that I enjoyed the course would be the understatement of the year. As you know, I have been on stage and speaking/singing for more than 60 years thinking that I was OK at presenting. You have taken me to more levels than I thought possible. I now know how to craft a keynote/presentation etc. so that my audience will not only get what I am saying but they will act on the information. This is obviously not just a job or business for you. This is a calling. My heartfelt thanks.

One of the most valuable workshops I have attended

I recently attend Jacqueline Nagle SpeakableYOU workshop. I have to say this has been one of the most valuable workshops I have attended in a very long time. The insight I gained in how to build my keynotes now has me reviewing all my training material to be based on this same methodology. For me Jacqueline has turned Keynote preparation from an art into a science with real sound strategies that back up her methodologies. And on top of that she is so knowledgeable across many industries she can connect with heart to her participants in the workshops to bring out each and everyone’s own uniqueness. This is a course that you must attend even if you do not want to be a major keynote speaker, but a person who wants to improve how they communicate their story, become a better leader, work within the community and so much more.

Jacqueline is caring, authentic and extremely knowledgeable

Jacqueline helped me when I was first starting out in my coaching business. I had a strategy session with her that enabled me to gain clarity, and point me in the right direction, of pursuing my passion of inspiring Nurses to rediscover their Courage, Compassion and Connection. She also gave me some awesome tools to prepare myself for speaking confidently in front of my audience. Jacqueline is caring, authentic and extremely knowledgeable with all things relating to running a business authentically. Her passion for helping others shines through in everything she does. If you need a helping hand to find your voice and discover your authentic path then Jaqueline is your person.

A talented and entertaining speaker with a great message to share

Jacqueline Nagle's keynote presentation on resilience to our group recently presented strong and actionable messages interwoven with an amazing personal and business journey. Jacqueline's honesty and integrity shone through as her story struck a chord and had the audience captivated throughout. Members of the group whom I've spoken with since all agree she is a talented and entertaining speaker with a great message to share. Thanks Jacqueline.

Jacqueline functions from another level

Jacqueline Nagle shifted the way I approached my business. Being a creative spirit, I was struggling to align my creative and business brain successfully. Leaving me shackled with daily frustrations and excuses. Jacqueline took me through a step by step process, creating strategies and structures that work for me. I have learnt that the word business does not have to be scary and it does not mean that you have to fit into one box. I don't do boxes it turns out, so we have structured a foundation that supports the platform, integrates sales while I create a safe environment for my clients to make their transformations. Jacqueline functions from another level, and was able to awaken my creative genius once again.