That everyone has a voice and everyone deserves to be heard. And that is our promise to you. To not only teach you the craft of speaking, but to take you into a world where we unlock what you already know to be true. Where we take your knowledge, your expertise and your experience and show you how to craft that into a compelling message for your audience. We go further than promising you global stages alongside celebrities, we promise to help you find the right stage for you.

Confidence Hacks 101

In this FREE 3 part video series we explore what really creates the confidence crisis so many of us experience when it comes to public speaking – most of us would prefer to be in the cask at a funeral than the one giving the eulogy!

From the simple quick hacks before taking to the stage, through to powerful exercises that will reduce and even eliminate the white noise and chatter inside your head, Confidence Hacks 101 will unlock the barriers holding you back.

But I Want To Be Funny!

But I Want To Be Funny! Takes you outside of thinking about what you believe you need to be, and into exploring who you really are as a speaker; what is the character within that needs to be amplified to allow you to shine. Hint – if you’re not funny in real life, you probably shouldn’t try to be on stage!

In this intensive, FREE video series we will start the deep dive with you to understand what resonates with you, where your strengths are as a speaker and how to build the muscle of speaking – even without a trainer, mentor, or coach.

SpeakableYOU Intensives

Our Signature Program with a record of success for creating magnetic and compelling speakers, is for ANYONE who wants to boost their profile through keynote speaking, or to explode their business through crafting and delivering compelling business presentations – showcasing the expertise YOU already have to move into the minds and hearts of any audience.

Deliberately designed for Speakers, Entrepreneurs, and Purpose Driven Professionals, The SpeakableYOU Intensives are an immersive experience implementing a simple yet powerful model for becoming an in-demand speaker, a sought after expert.

Speaker Driven Business

Beyond thought leadership. Beyond speaking. There is building a commercially sustainable business using speaking as a core strategy. Developed for Purpose Driven Professionals, Consultants and Business Owners who know they need to Elevate Position and Escalate Results, the SDB is exactly what it says.

Created by Jacqueline – with real world experience driving 6, 7, 8 figure growth – it is where we bring together proven tactics to rapidly build business, to be commercially smart about how we do that, and use speaker driven strategies to drive visibility and desirability.

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