SpeakaHUB. A noun meaning a place to ‘hang out’, to be part of a collective lift in our ability to speak and communicate. The collective lift that comes with community, continuous learning, rapid access and connections in real life.
Because I do know what you want.

You want cut-through in a noisy market. You want to be heard, for people to hear what it is you know to be true about the world.

You know you are destined to make an impact. It's more than just being vocal; you want to know how to speak in way that will have an impact, and make a difference.

And most of all, and you're not afraid to admit it even if only to yourself, you want to make more money; to use your voice to create a platform; to use what you have to say to create a sustainable business; to find a way that speaks to the heart of the world you want to create

You want to be in demand for what you have to say.
But to get what you want there are things that you NEED
You want to be in demand
And to do so we must to get crystal clear on just who you are, unlocking your crystal clear identity. Then you must understand how to create inhalable content = content your audience loves and craves.  And to understand that whilst you can accelerate success, there are no shortcuts, you simply must practice the craft.

Because if you don't understand who you are as a speaker, and become crystal clear in your identity, you will remain invisible.
If you don’t have inhalable content the truth is that people will like you but never remember you
And if you choose to not practice the craft, you will never be consistently and sustainably in demand; It’s a muscle build


SpeakaHUB is a program built from real world experience.  Delivering an immersive mix of online education, live training events, and group training calls, SpeakaHUB focuses on building exceptional skills in speaking, pitching and presenting.   And more than just teaching you how to speak, SpeakaHUB opens a world of possibility and opportunity that will not exist unless you choose to invest in your ability to speak, pitch and present.

It's been created because I love working with those who are just emerging. Not the elite. Not the established. Not the ones simply honing their skills to take them from incredible to formidable.

But the people who are just realising that they have within them the ability to make a powerful impact. Drawing out the unknown, unrealised possibility – that’s what I love.

We believe that success is no accident and it is in how we start - how we lay the foundations - that we are able to create momentum and success.

In the first 30 days we'll get your 90 Day Playbook to you and help you unpack the first elements before getting you online for an intensive, rapid-fire onboarding session with Me where I will unlock just what your end-game is for the program, and sequence a 90 day game plan. This includes what needs to happen in what order, to ensure you are building the skills of speaking, pitching and presenting in a way that will add value to your world.

And from there we'll take you into the full program outlined below.

An Education Hub with Training Specifically
Focussed on Lifting Speaking, Pitching & Positioning Skills –
Includes 3 x Live 2 Day Skills Development Events
SpeakaHUB. You know you want it! 


Jacqueline Has Worked With More than 400 Organisations to improve capability and more than 200 Professionals, Consultants, Speakers, Mentors and Advisors to Elevate Position and Escalate Results

Where Jacqueline Has Been Seen / Spoken Includes

"I've been in the industry for almost 20 years and have never come close to experiencing the brilliance Jacqueline brings to her speaker training! She has immense knowledge and deep insight that allows her to tap into the best of each individual she coaches."
Elle Zimmerman
CEO and Executive Producer of Curtis Zimmerman Group
Cincinnati, Ohio


As your Lead Mentor taking you through the skills you need to become a powerful and persuasive speaker, Jacqueline brings extensive training, experience and insight to the table.

Once a CEO, once a GM, once a Consultant in Labour Hire, Mining Services, Industrial Relations, Civil Construction and Professional Services, for more than 15 years Jacqueline has successfully trained consultants, professionals, business owners and executives in speaking, sales, presenting, core messaging, negotiating and positioning. Jacqueline made a decision to turn  her attention more specifically to the craft of speaking in early 2017.

Successfully working with 100's of people across Australia and the USA to strengthen their ability to speak, pitch and present, SpeakaHUB is for those who want more than an online program; those looking for community, and those wanting to learn from someone who has actually cut their teeth in the real world. Jacqueline will openly share with you the knowledge and strategies she has used, in the real world, to:

  • Personally pursue and win more than $20,000,000 in business throughout her career
  • Take a recruitment business from $4.2M to $22.4M in 15 months, including sale to an ASX Listed Company, then delivering 3 year projected net profit within 10 months
  • Build a $800,000+ consulting practice in regional Australia in less than 18 months
  • Secure business investors from $10,000 to $390,000 for a range of business ventures
  • Successfully deliver more than 180 workshops spanning 15 topic areas
  • Create, execute and/or MC or more than 50 events and conferences
  • Deliver Key Note Presentations, including Marie Claire Australia (Magazine) Event and supporting international speakers
  • Successfully elevate client businesses through Speaking Driven Strategies to significantly lift revenue, rapidly, often by in excess of 6 figures
"This woman walks the talk. All class all the way. No fluff. No hype. No BS. If you’ve got a message to share with the world, I challenge you to find someone better equipped to help you package and present it in a way that’s true to who you are, works for your specific content and has maximum impact on the audience you most hope to influence."
Meqa Smith
Competitive Strategist & Speaker
Unforgettable Agency 
Brisbane, Australia

"Jacqueline has delivered Sales, Influence and Negotiation Training to The Lott. Between the first and second days of training – six months – we are now able to quickly identify viable leads, to close the right people, and we’ve more than doubled the new sites of our closest peer, it’s a record for us, and our conversion rates in terms of results went from 0.8 to 3.1 out of five leads."
John Ward
State Retail Manager, Tabcorp Holdings
​​​​​​​Brisbane, Australia
"Your gift Jacqueline is almost beyond description. You are able to see the unique gift another has to share with the world. I will be forever appreciative of your ability to clarify my big message and encourage me to be the rockstar."
Dr Jill Wade
Revolutionary Dentist, Speaker, Podcast Host, driving new frontiers in health 
Dallas, Texas​​​​​​​

"I've been in the industry for almost 20 years and have never come close to experiencing the brilliance Jacqueline brings to her speaker training! She has immense knowledge and deep insight that allows her to tap into the best of each individual she coaches."
Elle Zimmerman
CEO and Executive Producer of Curtis Zimmerman Group
Cincinnati, Ohio
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